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February Adventures in Creativity


February is a great month to step outside of your comfort zone and start creating. At the Gypsy Queen Redesign at Wildwood Antique Mall, we have a variety of fun classes and workshops to get your creative juices flowing. This month we are hosting an Ugly Duckling furniture painting contest. There will be over $250 in prize, and It's FREE to register, so why not participate?

The rules are simple. Find an old, worn out, ugly or neglected piece of furniture, and transform it. Stop by the Wise Owl Paint department at Wildwood, select your choice of smooth as silk Chalk Synthesis Paints, or the ever popular One Hour Enamel, and get started. Take 3 before pics of the item, 3 during, and 2 after you have transformed it. Save your Wise Owl paint cans for during the Judging event on February 25th. Click here to register

We are excited to be able to sponsor this event, and hope that you will participate. Feel free to reach out for any help or guidance along the way! That's what I'm here for.

Classes that are available in groups of 2 or more include:

  • 3-D jewelry Wall Art,

  • Shell Decoupage,

  • Shell Art,

  • Mirror Transformations,

  • Mould Making,

  • Furniture painting.

Reach out via text to 303-667-7520 to schedule your class or workshop. Here is to having a wonderful month filled with fun and of course Love. It is February after all.

~Lizzie Temple-McKay, the Gypsy Queen

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