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Some Information for you about Heavy Metals!

1. Coverage. You won't even believe it. Almost one coat coverage and we mean it.

2. Strength and durability. Unparalleled Abrasion resistance in a metallic. This paint cures to a hard finish and generally won't need a topcoat except for heavy wear and tear. It's a non-porous finish (un-like most metallics) so it adds to strength but also a beautiful satin finish.

3. Self leveling ability (metallics are not know for this but we SHINE here. Use the right brush... we will show you which ones shortly, and just watch the paint smooth out flawlessly.

4. Metallic sheen. This comes down to micron size. As we know Karen, the owner loves to do... here is the break down of the science.
The larger the micron... microns the unit of measure for particles of metallic mica.
The more "glittery" metallic pigments are with larger micron size. The smaller the micron size the more metallic and fluid finish of the paint.
Why doesn't everyone use the smallest micron size in their metallic paints to create the best metallic finish then?
The short answer: Because it's hard to keep components suspended so the liquids and solids do not separate. If you add too much of these tiny metallic micas, they are known to settle at the bottom. More fillers are added to most metallic paints to allow them to hold more metallic microns in their suspension.
This negatively affects coverage which is why metallic paints are not know for their coverage.
Due to some pretty amazing technology our chemist happened across in lab...
We were able to completely leverage the rules of science in our favor. And we did it while producing a paint that is low VOC with practically no smell.

Heavy Metal Gilding Paint

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